With these apps you can easily keep your back healthy

Slack abdominal or back muscles or excessive muscle strain can often be the cause of severe back pain, but poor posture can also be a cause of discomfort.

Many of us also have a sedentary profession, which makes it extremely important to adopt the right position for our backs. Below you will find some tips on how to prevent back pain.

When you get up every thirty minutes and change your posture, your blood can flow better, because it is not blocked at the groin level. Because of the busy work it can happen that people forget to stretch their legs every half hour, that's why we found three handy apps for you that will give you a signal when it's time to get up:

  • Stand up! The work break timer 
  • Stand up reminder 
  • Stand Hours 

No doubt there are many more alternatives, these are just three completely free versions. The importance lies in the fact that you move every half hour for a while.

Do you want to continue working while standing? That's possible.

All you have to do is choose your Sit Stand desk here, or test one in our official test centres.