With a Swopper office chair you can prevent back pain

At SitStand, we don't just offer you a choice of height-adjustable desks and conference tables. We also focus on active sitting with a great range of ergonomic office chairs.

You can actively prevent back pain by using an ergonomic office chair such as the Swopper.

The Swopper ensures that you sit dynamically throughout your workday. You certainly don't sit in the same position for hours, but you continuously move what is super healthy.

Sit yourself healthy with a Swopper ergonomic office chair

A Swopper office chair is better for your intervertebral discs because the 3D motion system allows you to sit more actively. You don't always sit in the same position, so your back doesn't have to deal with all the pressure at one point all the time. You also train your abdominal, back and leg muscles constantly with a Swopper without really feeling it. This core stability training can be done while sitting down throughout the day. Without effort.

Alert on your desk chair

With a Swopper you are also much more alert and productive throughout your working day because you regularly move around and still don't feel the need to stand up and just walk to the coffee machine and have a chat there.

You can order your unit now or you can come and test a Swopper in our showroom.