Up, the height adjustable stool from Interstuhl

Are you looking for an ergonomic office chair? Probably you were looking for the best office chair on the internet. But you might be missing out on your ideal ergonomic solution. After all, an ergonomic stool is a great choice for those who want a dynamic posture behind their desk. With Interstuhl's Up stool, you can raise the posture behind your desk to a higher level, both literally and figuratively.

Dynamic behind your desk

The Up stool has a spherical bottom. This will motivate you to adopt a dynamic, moving position behind your desk. An active posture stimulates the blood flow to the muscles and prevents monotonous strain on the skeleton. The Up stool ensures that the user remains flexible and mobile. The underside of the stool is also finished with an anti-slip coating to prevent it from slipping during all that movement.

The stool that follows you

The stool is easily and infinitely adjustable in height by means of the characteristic red handle. The height of the stool varies from 45 to 63 cm and grows with you from a seated to a half-standing position. The minimalist Up stool may look like a Spartan sitting experience, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to the anthracite seat in a softer non-slip material, you can work in comfort. Need some extra comfort? You can add an extra cushion to your stool.

Timeless design

The trendy Up stool catches the eye thanks to its minimalist design and sophisticated design. The stool is available in 6 fresh colours and thus fits in perfectly with every interior from stylish to playful. By the way, Interstuhl won one of the German design awards with the stool. With its timeless design, the balance stool certainly deserves a place at your desk.

Light ergonomic heavyweight

Have a look at your colleague's work, no problem. The ergonomic stool weighs only 4.3 kg, so you can easily pick it up at the provided edge under the seat. Are you working at a sitting and standing desk? Then the stool is the partner in crime who, together with your desk, explores unprecedented heights. Not yet convinced?! The stool comes with a guarantee of up to 10 years, also on the gas spring! So don't hesitate any longer and order it here.