Test your SitStand desk in Maldegem

Are you considering buying a SitStand desk? Great idea. Do you want to test a height-adjustable workstation for one day? You can do this for free at our office in Maldegem.

How does it work in practice?

  1. Send us a message via zitsta.be with the day of your preference on which you would like to come and test free of charge.
  2. We will reserve a SitStand desk for you that day and confirm your request.
  3. Come to the SitStand showroom in Maldegem on the agreed date and park there in front of the door without having to worry.
  4. Step inside our showroom, we will explain how to set the ideal height and above that we offer you the choice between several office chairs. You will also receive the password of the wifi and a free drink.
  5. Are you convinced of the use of the workplace? Then you can immediately place your order. Would you prefer to consult with the home front? Then choose the colour and dimensions of your SitStand desk yourself here! We will prepare the order for you and you can pick it up yourself or we will come and install it ourselves. The choice is yours!