Stop meeting in the old fashioned way!

Get Up, Stand Up

There are people like Tony Crabbe and Ellen De Bruin who argue scientifically for no more meetings.

There are CEO's who, when they find out that meetings are being held within their organisation to discuss the agenda for the next meeting, simply forbid that meetings are still being held for a week. In this way, the entire organisation realises that they may have gone a little overboard.

50/50/5 rule

Never having a meeting again might be a bit drastic. Reducing the number of meetings to half, reducing the meeting time to half and also reducing the number of participants to half is certainly a goal when you calculate how much meetings cost within your organisation.

Sitting together becomes standing together

Meetings are essentially intended to exchange information, solve problems and take decisions to that effect. That presupposes dynamism, and that dynamism comes anturally when you start holding meetings standing up. Getting dull in a seated position is then no longer an option.

Try with a height-adjustable table from SitStand. Bet that it is forbidden to sit together in your company in the shortest possible time.

Standing together becomes the new standard.