Standing desks allow for reduction of work breaks by 47%.

"When you sit at your desk all day, you occasionally feel the need to stand up. If you do stand up, many of us go to the coffee machine and have a chat with a colleague. Sometimes it's about work, but often it's just small talk.

Anyone who has a sit-stand desk and stands up at his/her sit-stand desk every 45 minutes will feel this need to get up for a change, but can do this at the desk itself while working. It is also true that when you work standing up, you are more alert, more focused.

The study below shows that those who have a sitting position take 47% less breaks and that those breaks also take 56% less time than those who can only sit at their desk. We did not invent these effects. They are described in detail in the study by Dr. Marvin J. Dainoff of the Center For Ergonomic Research at Miami University. "

You can read all about the study here

If you invest in Sit Stand desks, you will earn back your investment in the shortest possible time, if only in working hours. And in that case, you don't take into account the gain in alertness and health.
So choose the colour of the frame, the colour and size of the desktop, and go for a healthy work habit.