First aid at the counter: Fin

Sitting is the new smoking you hear sometimes. But working standing up all day is also far from ideal. How should it be then you ask? Variation in your posture and sufficient exercise are vital. But what if you spend most of your day standing up? A Fin standing aid is the solution you are looking for to prevent back problems and to prevent tired legs.

Prevent low back pain with the Fin work stool.

Long periods of standing can be the cause of a number of health problems: low back pain, night-time leg cramps, tired legs, etc. The complaints that employees experience when carrying out standing work are often much more pronounced than with their sitting colleagues. But some jobs simply cannot be done sitting down. A standing aid can bring relief.

What exactly does such a stool do?

A standing aid prevents the static strain on the muscles, the compression of the soft tissues and the hydrostatic pressure in the legs. A standing aid supports up to 60% of the body weight. The blood circulation in the legs is also better preserved by reducing the hydrostatic pressure. A lot of advantages without restricting your mobility and getting up is easy as well.

One standing aid please

As an employer, you have to take preventive measures to safeguard the health of employees who have to stand up for a long period of time in the performance of their job. When using a standing aid, the employee can perfectly continue to do his job. By preventing back and leg taxes, the employee will feel a lot better while doing his job, which will pay off in increased productivity for you.

Choose, test and recover if satisfied.